Roll 9 – in which I find courage

When I woke up on Sunday morning it was a beautiful day. My original plan for the day was to do housework, but I couldn’t waste the sunshine on housework. I needed to get out there with my camera.

I polled Twitter for which camera I should take, my Yashica Mat or my pinhole camera? The resounding answer was the Yashica Mat! Seriously. Hands down the winner. Nobody at all suggested the pinhole camera. So my choice had to be the Yashica Mat. And the the pinhole camera (My heart was set on the pinhole camera, dammit).

I packed them both in my purse and off I went. My gut lead me back to Oregon City. I’d posted about an odd elevator there the day before on Pinhole Obscura and wanted to revisit this place.

I wandered around the city, looking for something that I never really found. I felt like I wandered around aimlessly. I went back to the elevator. Shot a couple of photos of it. Traveled to the top of it. Took a couple of photos.

Then I decided to focus in. I decided to take some shots of Willamette Falls from several angles with my pinhole camera.  I took the time to get some good shots that I knew about and I even found a viewpoint I hadn’t seen before. I saw it as I was ready to head home. I was going to just drive on by but decided that if I was taking the time to photograph the falls I might as well do it right.

Having had a fun day shooting photos around Oregon City, I pulled up into the parking lot of my local grocery store, right next to The Spoon Man. I thought to myself, “This is my chance. I should ask if I can take his portrait!” Without thinking too much I introduced myself and asked if I could take his photo. He graciously said, “Yes!” and then proceeded to tell me that “everyone does this. There are photos of me up all over the internet. There are videos on the You Tube, too.” That put me at ease. I took a couple of photos  and he asked, “Can I see them?” and I said, “No you can’t because I am using film.”  I showed him the top of my camera and that you could see the potential image there. He thought it was really cool. I offered to give him a print if the photo turned out and he was delighted. We shook hands and I went about my shopping.

These were taken with a Yashica Mat 124G and Tri-x. Developed in Diafine.

18 thoughts on “Roll 9 – in which I find courage

  1. Reblogged this on Blatherskite and commented:

    I have a new post up on 52 rolls! This one is kinda special. My first portrait of a stranger. I am generally very shy. I am really proud of myself, that I found the courage to ask someone if I could take their portrait.


  2. Nice work. Good ups to you for asking a stranger too. Oh, and somebody has to say it, a YashicaMat and a pinhole? You must carry a HUGE purse!


    • Thank you! Ha! yes, it is actually a big purse, though the pinhole camera doesn’t take up a ton of space. The Yashica Mat on the other hand, that thing is a brick!


  3. Moni, I need to follow you on Twitter. I would have totally voted for the pinhole. 🙂 (Though, these are lovely.) I’ve been trying to find a matchbox pinhole that I made years ago. I’m itching to shoot with and I know it’s around here somewhere.


  4. Congratulations on conquering your fear and asking to take the portrait! I’ve done a few so far, but don’t get as many opportunities to practice as I’d like.


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