Week #8 The cemetery (or RTFM)

Inge week 8_1


Week 8 was a week in which I wanted to test a camera that was given to me. My husband recently came home with a Nikkormat FT-2. He got it from a co-worker who wanted me to have the camera, because she knew I shoot film. I thought it was very nice of her, because we have never met. When I inspected the camera, I noticed the battery was still in it, and it was leaky. I cleaned the battery compartment and put in a fresh battery. I put in a roll of Rollei Retro 100 film, and visited one of my favourite places close to home: the Crooswijk cemetery. It is a beautiful place, kinda looking like a park, and I often go there to stroll, sit on a bench and enjoy the silence (it’s not easy to find silence in the middle of a big city). The cemetery would be a great place to test the Nikkormat.

So I walked around, snapping away, enjoying the silence and the wildlife. Yes, the cemetery has some wildlife too. There’s a large variety of birds, I saw some rabbits, and this time I came across a pheasant that was walking around like he owned the place. I noticed the shutter acted a bit funny, and so did the light meter. Everything looked fine though, and I continued taking pics until there were no more frames left on the roll. At home I developed the roll in Adox Adonal and the results seemed to look ok. Until I started scanning, that is. Most pics were a little blurry. It must have been the shutter or something. I took a better look at the camera, and then I noticed something: I had forgotten to use the shutter speed ring….. The reason? I didn’t read the manual this time, which I normally always do. But what could go wrong with the umpteenth slr I used? Well, that. Hence the title! At least, the camera works. I know that now. And since the weather is getting better every day, I will probably soon take it on another test walk. But not before I have read the manual.

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4 thoughts on “Week #8 The cemetery (or RTFM)

  1. RTFM — gosh I hate when that happens. I’m typically handed cameras that have no manual with them so I have to figure it out or hope that someone has shared the manual online. These are still lovely.


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