52:320TXP – Week 09 – Bought the Farm


Returning to the classic combo, Tri-X and HC-110.

Due to flooding on my usual route to and from work I had to take a road that I hadn’t driven in a while, and that’s where I came across this gem. It’s becoming fairly common these days in rural Milton to find old abandoned farmhouses, the field still being used by others now, but the old houses left boarded up. I’m a little ticked at myself for leaving the gatepost in the frame, but sadly it was the only way to get the house through the trees without having to put the camera on a weird angle or really find out how deep the snow on the property is.

Modified Anniversary Speed Graphic – Schneider-Kreuznack Angulon 1:6,8/90 – Kodak Tri-X Pan (320TXP)
1/10″ – f/32 – ASA-320
Meter: Pentax Spotmeter V
Kodak HC-110 Dil. B 5:30 @ 20C

6 thoughts on “52:320TXP – Week 09 – Bought the Farm

  1. I kinda like the post as a foreground hook. It connects the bottom edge of the image (and the viewer) to the sky, breaking the central horizon line. Then there is the narrative of a photographer skulking about outside the property.


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