Shooting pinhole 4×5 using a coffee can

Todd kindly gave Jana his first anamorphic pinhole camera, which uses 3D printed shutters  (which house a regular pinhole on a small bit of brass). We tried it out yesterday.

The camera is really neat in that it has a pinhole on the side of the can, and on top.   It can easily fit 2 sheets of 4×5 film.  And it has 2 tripod mounts.

I was shooting some very expired (~1990) Kodak black & white film, ISO 125.   Maybe that was an extra random factor in shooting with an experimental camera, but I like throwing fate to the wind as hard as I can.    The most spectacular failures are sometimes the most interesting.

The camera performed perfectly, as far as I could tell.

Here are the pairs of negatives which were shot simultaneously, using the same pinhole.


The above shots were exposed using the pinhole on the side of the can.

This shot was exposed using the one on the top of the can.  This is the left and right side of the same set of stairs.



I promise I’ll use newer film next time I try this.  🙂

I have shot anamorphic pinhole images before with a few different cameras.  A few I made, and one I bought from Italy.  They all took 35mm or 120 film.     It’s crazy fun to shoot, and the results can be really interesting, but aiming the cameras takes some practice.

There are other people shooting anamorphic pinhole photos.   Probably the best is krupinhole.

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