Roll 10 – Cheap Thrills in Portland Oregon

On my walk home from work on Thursday I wandered into the Goodwill and headed to the back of the store where they keep the old film cameras. Every once in a while I like to drop in to see what’s there. This time I found an Olympus Accura Zoom XB 700. I polled Twitter really quick to see what the hive mind thought and didn’t get a very definitive answer. I decided to buy it since it was cheap. For cheap thrills.

I am wanting to by an Olympus XA so the brand name is totally on my radar and is jumping out at me wherever I go. Funny how that happens.

I decided to take the camera out with me on some errands in Portland. My husband had the PraKtica. We ended up at Pittock Mansion.

I kind of had fun using it. Though I didn’t fall in love with it. When I got back the negatives I felt very “meh” about the results. The focus was really off on some of the images where I got in close. My tendency is to get in close and it’s nice to be able to control the focus or at least to see if getting in close is even a remote possibility. So there were quite a few shots that were blurry. The thing that I loved about this camera is the way the lens tucks away into the camera for safekeeping. This is what attracts me to the XA. I am looking for a compact camera that I can take with me to Amsterdam at the end of April (where I will be hanging out with Frau Inge!) and am wanting to travel light.

This camera was worth the couple of bucks I spent on it but I think it will just end up on the top shelf of my camera closet (with my digital camera).

18 thoughts on “Roll 10 – Cheap Thrills in Portland Oregon

    • Me too! I’m keeping my eyes out and I have a few friends keeping their eyes peeled as well. Inge and I have been friends online for a couple of years? give or take. This will be the first time meeting in person. I’m meeting up with some other internet friends from across the pond as well. I’m really excited! Not to mention seeing Amsterdam for the first time too!


      • It’s a fabulous city and I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I traveled there a few years ago to meet a friend I made on the internet and it was like we had known each other for years.


  1. Amsterdam’s a great and very photogenic city – I’d be taking more than an XA with me if I was going. I’m desperate to see the new Rijksmuseum.


    • yeah, I am debating whether or not I want to be a light traveller or if I want to bring my SLR. I should probably bring my SLR. I’m sure I’ll regret if if I don’t. I am for sure bringing a pinhole or two.


  2. I bet you’ll want as much wide angle as you can get in Amsterdam at least in the old harbor parts of town because you cant step back any further in those tight areas.


  3. Yay for cheap thrills! This is a great idea. There’s a Goodwill not too far from the office. I’m going to give this a shot.


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