Weeks 7, 8 and 9 – some pinholes and not

I seem to have gotten into a three weekly schedule. We have also had a very mild winter this year, and no end of precipitation. Where I live, first lots of snow, and for the last month rain and more rain. But at our cabin in the mountains, now that is another story. Bucket loads of snow. I grew up in that area, and have not seen this much snow in 30 years.

So a bit of a mix then, snow and not. Also two weeks of pinholism, and one not.

Week 7:

The ONDU 6×6 again. Lovely little thing. Getting the hang of it too. The extreme field of view, and how NOT to scratch the film. Ilford PanF+ in HC-110. Very, very easy on the agitation, as I read somewhere this combination could give extreme contrast.

Our cabin up in the hills above Lillehammer. I had at this point already shoveled off the roof once, to avoid structural damage to the cabin. I had to do it again later the same week.


Down by the coast a few days previously. No snow at all.


Week 8:

My DIY 6×24 pano pinhole camera this time. TMAX 100. Still having a winter break in the mountains.

The neighbouring property to our cabin. A farm totally rebuilt over the last 15 years. Lovely house.


A very short river connecting two lakes, not far from our cabin.


Week 9:

The following weekend I went to the top of a mountain in a blizzard. Though not the tallest around, the snow and wind sure reminds you of your mortality. But, I´m not the only one around. Indeed there’s even a cafe up there. “Lucy”, my DIY conversion of a Polaroid 110A (takes roll film and Polaroid pack film). Neopan 400, my second to last roll. Very grainy in R09 1:50. Not normally so, but the very white conditions accentuate the grain something awful.

A spruce, covered in snow, on the verge of giving up.


Resembles a three-legged Troll that got caught out by the sun.


Cafe? What cafe? Indeed there is a small cabin atop the mountain. Called the fire cabin, as the view is fantastic (when there’s not a blizzard on), and they used to spot fires from this peak for tens of miles in each direction.


A family braving the conditions. You wouldn’t guess that we have a tradition for Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, now would you?



The perps:

ONDU 6×6:



The DIY 6×24



And Lucy, the 110A / G00SE conversion


19 thoughts on “Weeks 7, 8 and 9 – some pinholes and not

    • Thank you. I am still wondering how this actually works. I built it myself, yet 4:1 is a bit of a stretch, but the results are not half bad, if I may say so myself


    • Well worth it. It will last a lifetime or two. The quality also extends to the pinhole itself. For a pinhole it gives pictures with very nice definition, and pretty sharp (for a pinhole)


        • Good on you. Remember to wind on film with both knobs at the same time. Avoid dragging the film over the film gate, and you will not get any scratches. Once you get to the next frame counter rotate the feed knob to tighten film.


          • Thanks for this tip. I backed Ondu on Kickstarter and I’m a little overwhelmed with the winding. It’s different than my other pinhole cameras.


    • I botched the metering on the blizzard shots, overcooked them a bit. Having said that, the camera (and film) performed better than my eyes we capable of, I saw practically nothing at all.


  1. Thank you for posting photos of your camera along with your wonderful photos. The second shot of the water really speaks to me.


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