Week 7: Family Trip

Back into the depths of winter, week 7’s roll is a multi-week roll.  I am glad to see I am not the only one that leaves film to be developed out of order.

The first few shots are from a trip we took to Alton and Grafton IL. during the Bald Eagle wintering season.  I saw plenty of eagles but was not equipped with lenses for wildlife shooting. So how about some good old river boats and ice!

Lanscape view of a frozen river

Mississippi River Near Afton with Barges

I was standing on the river here,  watching the people in the distance dragging a boat full of plastic geese. You can see them if you look very closely at the little black dots on the ice.

View of frozen river with vivid clouds and two barges in the water

Icy Mississippi

We stopped to eat on the river, so I took a picture of my sweetheart.  The color saturation in this shot is a bit strong, but I like the effect. I shot this roll of Kodak Hawkeye traffic surveillance film.

Beautiful blonde woman in blue shirt sitting in a colorful restaurant.

My Awesome Wife in Grafton, IL Restaurant.

Some time later we ended up in St Louis’s, Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Winter image of two people in a Chinese Garden with white carved railing and pagoda in background.

Family in Chinese Garden

And…Home Depot…This film seems incapable of rendering orange as orange.
I dont think I will print this one, but it has bold color so I thought I would put it up to balance out the gray of this awful winter.

Bright orange lumber carts

Lumber Carts

I don’t remember what camera I was using, but probably a Nikon N80 since I usually take it on trips in case I have to ask someone else to shoot with it.

4 thoughts on “Week 7: Family Trip

    • The film is available from the Film Photography Project store. I bought two bulk rolls from an ebay seller that seems to have run out. I wish I had bought more but I think I have nearly 1000 feet of bulk film of different sorts, so its probably good that I didn’t.


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