Week 8: Walking Distance

Sometimes, I don’t leave my neighborhood for a week. Theoretically there is always something interesting to take photos of and there is always time to try out a new bit of equipment.

Does the light meter work for long exposures at night?  Yes, it does.

Inner city street shot at night with glowing street lights and a stop sign in foreground

Stop Sign at Night.

Just up the street, a new print shop is opening called Firecracker Press. They have a growing collection of some very beautiful machines.  They don’t mind if I take lots of photos of the machinery.  I really love this kind of stuff and you would probably not be surprised if you looked at my sculptures.

CLose up view of an old linotype machine n black and white.

Old Printing Equipment

People gathered for a prayer flag raising on a vacant lot a couple blocks away. Shots of raised flags to be posted in a later week’s roll.

Grooup of people gathered in a vacant lot on a cold snowy day.

Gathering in a snowy lot.

More of the same. I am still trying to get used to photographing people I don’t know.

Group of people standing in the snow.

People standing about in the show.

This roll was shot in a beat up Nikon F3 that I had to split open to repair. I would call this a successful (meaning the camera works) test roll, shot on Kentmere 400.

6 thoughts on “Week 8: Walking Distance

  1. Ah the solid F3, excellent work. As for shooting strangers, just take a ‘no fear’ perspective. Get out and do it!


  2. I like the night time shot especially, but they are all good. I love old machinery, and look forward to seeing more. I agree on shooting strangers, it can be a bit unnerving. I am slowly working my way from public events to just going out and shooting.


  3. Congratulations on working on conquering your fear of shooting strangers! I’m right there with you, it’s scary but so rewarding because there’s an endless supply of stories to go out and capture.


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