Roll 10: Saint Paul’s Catholic Church, Winnemucca, NV

Have you ever been to Winnemucca, Nevada?   No worries, not too many people have stopped to visit and, if they have even know where Winnemucca is, they probably just drove through on their way to some other western destination.  I drove the 3 hour each way from my house to Winnemucca last weekend to attend a photography workshop.   No doubt, it was a long day of driving.  But, I think it was worth it.  Can you believe they have managed to make a photography symposium survive for 26 years in Winnemucca?   That really says something.  The town is an interesting little place and the people are even more striking.   This section of Nevada has lots of cattle ranches and open desert range with a smattering of old ghost towns and even mining districts that still strike gold occasionally.   I’ll post more about the photography workshop later.   Today is about this magical roll of film I managed to bring home.

On this visit, I took the Yashica Mat EM and a roll of Kodak Portra 400.   I really love that TLR.   Every time I use it, we just become better friends.  It really dazzled this time when I pointed the lens at Saint Paul’s Catholic Church in downtown Winnemucca.   The bright blue skies of Nevada almost give this scene a full Mediterranean feel.  The images came out pretty much exactly the way remember seeing them in viewfinder.   That’s a big accomplishment right there!  I’m not that much of a church-goer but I do love to take photos of churches.   They are often quite beautiful, regardless of religion, and tend to be a safe, peaceful place to get a few snapshots done.  Maybe, that’s why I like graveyards, too.

Comments welcome, let me know what you think.   I’ll be posting another roll soon from my adventures in Winnemucca.   Otherwise, catch me for more photo fun at my regular blog site, Gingerlea Photography.

st paul blue sky

st pauls cross

st paul back nolines

st pauls gate

I thought the doors were so pretty.   This is the color, straight out of camera.

I thought the doors were so pretty. This is the color, straight out of camera.

st pauls nolines

st paul front angle

12 thoughts on “Roll 10: Saint Paul’s Catholic Church, Winnemucca, NV

  1. Excellent! I lived in New Mexico for a while and I remember that high desert sky, just incredible blues. Great contrasts with the color of the church. No better feeling than seeing a result and getting it in the negative. I love my Yashicas, I too seem to take some of my best photos with them. I’ve not shot Portra before, but have rolls on the way for some planned outdoor portraiture.


  2. I had the pleasure of working with a fellow from Winnemucca. His family sounded like an absolutley crazy wonderful bunch that it must be an interesting place.


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