Roll 11: Shooting the West

winmuc STW sign


After ten years of wanting to go, a friend of mine and I managed to finally get it together and go to the “Shooting the West” Photography Symposium in Winnemucca, Nevada.   We only managed to make it to the Saturday presentations but there is almost a full week of workshops, presentations, contests and social activities.   Shooting the West is definitely one of the finest events that Nevada brings to photographers but it can be a bit tough to get to from anywhere other than Winnemucca.   That being said, I will try to find a way to take a full vacation in the future for the week of March when it is usually held.   I think we missed out on a lot of the experience by only going for one day but it was all either of could afford, based both on time and money.  Typically, there are several workshops on Photoshop, Lightroom and other digitial revolutions to photography in addition to excellent keynote speakers and western photography flair.

This year, there was a fun Holga workshop where everyone got their very own Holga to tour the sights of Winnemucca with and then the workshop leaders had the film developed, edited and presented a full slideshow to the rest of the symposium attendees.   I so wished that I had been able to participate in that one but settled for just seeing the end results on Saturday.   Check out their website to see some of the other activities and even the winners of this year’s “Give It Your Best Shot” photo contest,  

As for me, I toured the sights with my Nikon FM2 and a roll of Ektar 100, 35mm.  And, here are my results:

winmuc convention center

The Winnemucca Convention Center. Yup, big city living here in the middle of Northern Nevada.



winmuc gateway

My history lesson for the day. I had no idea this would here. Interesting.


winmuc flag lights

I love small town Americana.

winmuc winners

Winners Casino. Ya, right. Haha.

winmuc sundance casino

The murals around town were quaint. And, completely stuck in time.

winmuc shady court

13 thoughts on “Roll 11: Shooting the West

  1. I love the composition of ‘Little Town Americana’ with the light poles, flag and hill. It’s like a time warp with those signs too. Sounds like a fun convention!


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