Roll 12: Steam

One of the first rolls in this project for me included a photo of this location and I wasn’t happy with the results so I went back to it.   This time, I shot with the Yashica Mat EM on Portra 400, 120 film.   I drive by this spot every morning on the way to my pay-the-bills job.   It fascinates me to no end.   And, I’m a lot happier with the photos that developed.

steam1 sooc

What the heck is it?   Nevada has a lot of geothermal, hot springs just out and about in all parts of the state.   Really, just hot springs, everywhere.     This particular pipe thing is near a private hot springs and pool/day spa place that has been open for ages.   It is a little bit of a rundown spot but I know lots of people who go there and say that it is very nice.   However, this pipe pokes up out of the ground right next to a major roadway and is completely open to anyone.   I’m not trying to make light of this, it is pretty dangerous.   I didn’t test the temperature of the water but I think it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t let your kids play here.   And, frankly, it was very stinky.   That’s not unusual either, the high mineral content in the water gives off that sulfuric or rotten egg smell that many people may recognize from a strong mineral well.   Either way, I’m not drinking it.

I do think the sunrise and steam make for an interesting scene, though, don’t you?

steam2 sooc

steam sunrise




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