Roll 13: Spring

Spring has sprung.   I spent the day at the University of Nevada, Reno, and managed to sneak away for a few shots with the Yashica Mat EM on Kodak Portra 400, 120 film.

I attended here but don’t end up back on campus very often anymore so it was nice to visit the swans at Manzanita Lake.

manzanita swan sooc

girl on bench

It was definitely a good day to enjoy an outside lunch break … unless the Canadian Goose Mafia was watching, too … YIKES.   These dudes were aggressive (and blurry).



I know this next shot is mostly of a “Nevada” garbage dumpster but I still like the big blue sky and the rest of the shot.


nevada trash


The weeping willows were just starting to bud and the light under/through them was perfect.   The focus on this next shot isn’t perfect but I hope you can see what I was going for on film.


green willow


And, for the finale … a duck butt.   Mallard, I’ll assume.



15 thoughts on “Roll 13: Spring

  1. My allergies are out of control this year and I think my noise began to drip (TMI?) just looking at the lovely weeping willow.

    These are lovely. Such a sense of spring.


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