“Even the sea cant stop me from writing something to read in my old age…”
                                                                                   – Kerouac, Big Sur

It takes forever to get anywhere. Dreaming and thinking have temporalities that hardly ever seem to be hastened. It is not as if the mind ever reaches its destination, it always is restless to move on, or be haunted by persistent themes. Walking through forests and woodlands, rustling leaves, creaking branches and bird calls keep me alert, but hardly stop these cogitations. In the shade of twisted branches along the trail I wander hoping to reach the end. Although my ears are wide open, sounds and sensations, never seem to stop or satisfy, or overcome the relentless search of consciousness to defeat the stimulations of pain. Hurt, both physical and psychological, is hard to end. Time was, but now I am getting older.

At the crest of a ridge, suddenly, through trees I hear the sound of the sea. It could be a gentle wave breaking on sand, rock, or a roller dumping its watery roar. This sound arriving at a distance is more of an intersection between worlds, that being left and the place yet to be arrived at. Forever seems to stop.

It is autumn. Southerly currents bring an icy freshness to the sea, chilling summer’s warmth. Thunderheads and storms build daily. Soon whales will be passing along the coast on their migration from Antarctica to warmer subtropical waters. The sun no longer sets behind Pigeon House Mountain, but has headed north for the equinox.

Wading is cold, watery frissons, dreams of getting in further, hesitancy – it always seems to take forever to get somewhere…

Mar 2014 Toyo GreenXRay PyrocatHDstand 1

Wading – Kittys Beach, Booderee NP

Taken with Toyo-View 45CF using Nikkor-W 135mm and Tiffen Y12 filter on FPP Super Green X-Ray and stand developed in Pyrocat HD (1:1:300) for 40 minutes.

14 thoughts on “Wading

  1. May I ask, did you use a tray, steel hangars, a daylight tank, BTZS tubes, or none-of-the above for your stand development? Temperature? What EI (I see a lot of folks use EI/ISO 80 with this film).


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