Roll 13 – roll back

When I bought my Zero 45 and posted the photo of it on Facebook Mr. Espressobuzz told me to go out and get a 120 rollback  for it. I knew I was going to get one eventually but it turns out eventually was faster than I thought. I bid on a Graflex “23” Graphic 120 holder and won it for a song.

So when I received it in the mail last week I needed to play with it immediately. I loaded it up with some Acros and, well, not much to say about that. I did what one does with a pinhole camera. I made some pinhole photos.

My experience with this holder was weird. Something happened when I loaded the film because I only got 6.5 frames out of 8. I guess I didn’t wind it to the right place? Or something? I have no idea. I will need to figure it out.

I feel very “Meh” about my results with this film. In general I prefer color film for pinhole so maybe it’s the black and white that I’m not thrilled about. Here are the shots that are worth posting.

7 thoughts on “Roll 13 – roll back

  1. Still looks good, but I think the images were meant to be in colors. I wonder how the last one in color the Chinese gazebo by the pond. I also have a pinhole camera but images were disappointing.


  2. I so don’t need to know about more gear I can buy. 🙂 I never thought about looking for a roll back for my Zero 45. Is it just the bees knees? These are lovely. Made a point of visiting the Japanese Garden when I was in Portland last year for a conference. You’ve captured it beautifully. (Heads off and adds a roll back to her list.)


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