Roll 9, week 9_ Brownie Hawkeye

I’ve been wanting a little Brownie Hawkeye for some time. My Mom had this camera in the 50’s and I actually thought I had her camera on my shelf and when I discovered I didn’t I went to E-bay and found a gem, still in the original box with all the attachments and usable flash bulbs. I can buy the needed 620 film at Blue Moon Camera in North Portland and so I loaded a roll of T-MAX 400 and went on my way. I developed the film at home in Ilford’s Ilfosol-3 for 7.5 minutes.

Brownie Hawkeye

Brownie Hawkeye



I took the camera to the Willamette neighborhood of West Linn and photographed the rising river.









4 thoughts on “Roll 9, week 9_ Brownie Hawkeye

  1. It’s a fun camera, isn’t it? I’ve flipped the lens on mine to get a different look from my other cameras. I’m also lucky that I can load 120 in mine and I just need a 620 take up spool.


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