Week #13 The spring holiday, pt 1

Inge week 13_1

Week 13 saw me traveling to the south of the Netherlands for a short holiday. We spent a week in Vaals, Limburg. It’s the most southern province of my country, and it borders Germany and Belgium. Because we were close to the German city of Aachen (Charlemagne), we decided to take a day trip there. The sun was shining, and life was grand. I took  my Olympus XA and my Olympus OM-1n with me. The XA had Agfa Precisa CT in it, and the OM-1n had a roll of Adox Color Implosion.

Aachen is a nice city with an old city center. We saw the cathedral, the Rathaus (old city hall building) and just walked around in the sun.

From the Olympus OM-1n:

Inge week 13_2

Inge week 13_3


From the Olympus XA:

Inge week 13_4

Inge week 13_5

Inge week 13_6


We also visited Monschau, Germany. It’s an old village with small streets and pretty little houses. It’s also crowded with tourists. We decided to go with the flow, and had dinner in a typical German restaurant, eating schnitzel of course. I took my Holga 120GN, loaded with Lomography Xpro slide 200 (which is basically Rollei Crossbird, but more expensive).

Inge week 13_7

Inge week 13_8


Stay tuned for week 14 and the second part of my holiday!

9 thoughts on “Week #13 The spring holiday, pt 1

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  2. I love the first shot of Monschau – reminds me I must use a colour film in my Holga and try some cross-processing


    • Thanks! Yes, Holga and colour film can give great results, especially when it’s sunny. That goes for crossprocessing as well. 🙂


  3. The like the shot of the canal very much. It looks like a model train scene at first, but the bridge with the wheels draw your eye across to the people in just the right place. It is a beautiful location; thanks for sharing it.


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