Week #14 The spring holiday pt 2

Inge week 14_1

In week 14 I was still on holiday in Vaals, the Netherlands. Vaals is known for its Drielandenpunt, the point where the borders of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium touch. The stone on the picture above is supposed to be that point, and if you walk around it you have visited three countries in under a minute. The area near Vaals has many hills and woods, and it was a lovely place to go on a hike. Bird noises, blossom, the sun…. Very relaxing!

Inge week 14_2

Inge week 14_3

Inge week 14_4

We also visited our old hometown Maastricht, where my husband and I both lived as students. Some friends of ours still live there, so we met up for a meal and a chat, after a walk through the city. On the last day we crossed the border to Germany one more time to visit the Westfriedhof in Aachen, an old cemetery. We had driven by it before when we first visited Aachen, and I had seen some large tombes with statues. In an earlier post I’ve told you before that I’m a sucker for old cemeteries, and I simply wanted to visit this one. It didn’t disappoint.

Inge week 14_5

Inge week 14_7

Inge week 14_6

I used my Olympus OM-1n and Holga 120GN. Both were loaded with Fuji Velvia 100, and the rolls were xpro’ed.

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