2014 Week 15 – Polaroid OneStep 600

I felt a little more “retro” this week, which is a condition that strikes me when I’m shooting instant film. Other than a polaroid back for one of my medium format cameras, this old OneStep is the only true Polaroid I own.  And, as is the case every week, there was a minor hiccup 🙂  I shot two packs this week; Impossible B&W Black Frame, and Impossible Color Gold Frame, both expired last year.

While I normally enjoy shooting expired film, expired Polaroid is completely different as it doesn’t keep nearly as well.  Such was the case for the B&W, as the processing became more random with each subsequent frame, and by the final shot, there were lines and other anomalies throughout, doubtless caused by chemicals that had begun to dry up.  I had this problem in mind when I loaded the color film, so when the first couple of shots came out completely dark blue and stayed that way for 10 minutes, I was sure the entire pack was rubbish.  So… I shot off the rest of the pack just goofing around and tossed the film on the counter (to be transferred to the bin later I was sure).  Turns out… this film needs 20-30 minutes to develop; and they all developed fine after the time had passed.  I was just too impatient and as a result wound up with only a few usable images; a shame really.  They say you learn the most from your mistakes, so as usual, I learned a lot this week! 🙂

Polaroid OneStep

“Diffused and Confused”

The weather’s gotten nice enough to ride the bike again, very happy about that!


My buddy 🙂


Because I like my coffee to taste nothing like coffee 😉


The moment I figured my color film was probably rubbish…


The moment Bennett was sure I lost my mind.

With the warming weather, it’s time for some spring cleaning.  And let me tell you, there’s a LOT of cleaning to do!  My Large Format shot of the week, my workhorse!

Cleanup Detail graflex

“Cleanup Detail”
1945 Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic
Kodak TMAX 100
Caffenol C-H for 16min


See you next week!

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