52 ROLLS / 2014 – WEEKS 13, 14 AND 15 – C-41 at home – A first!

It's Just Film

Never done C-41 at home, ever. Not that I shoot that much colour, which is half the problem – i.e. it takes a while to before they get developed (I can´t´be bothered to travel to Drammen for a roll here and a roll there). The other half is that I am not that happy with the negatives when I get them back. Dirty and dusty to be blunt.

After reading a lot of posts on the interweb, I felt reasonably sure that this could be done quite easily. And indeed it turned out to be no more difficult than regulat BW silver-halide film development. Keep the chemicals and the tank at a steady 38C/98F and you are home free. Short developing times do require you be exact though, 10 seconds here and there may make a difference. I used the Tetenal kit, the other is called Unicolor.

No guts no…

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4 thoughts on “52 ROLLS / 2014 – WEEKS 13, 14 AND 15 – C-41 at home – A first!

  1. I did C-41 at home once, couldn’t really control the temps, and just didn’t bother again, I have a couple good labs around that can do it, so I leave it to them. But nicely done!


  2. Thanks Alex. The trick, if you don´t have a Jobo machine or similar, is to keep all fluids in a tank and now and then adjust the temp in the tank. I use a 25 litre (6-7 gallon) tub. Works a treat.


  3. Note to self: I think it’s the second post this year that drives me towards trying C-41 at home before the end of this project.
    I don’t know what your previous lab did but these are nice results anyway!


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