Week 12

Today I decided take out my medium format Yashica D out for a spin with some ilford HP 5. Nothing really to see or do I just went driving around to get some coffee and some pastries. I found a parking lot to park overlooking the ocean and I saw this guy on an old motorcycle Honda CB 360. I went up to him and ask him if I can take his photo he agreed. He was also into film photography and had the same camera but a Yashica Mat.

I noticed that on the edge of the film on right side there some foaming more than likely from my developer creating lots of suds.







11 thoughts on “Week 12

  1. That’s an incredibly vintage look you’ve achieved there – those pictures could have been from the 1950’s when looking at their low contrast and mid-tones. Was this intentional?


    • No I just tried my luck with my handheld light meter. I thought they were going to be over or underexposed due to the age of the camera.


  2. Lovely! As for the marks on the side, don’t worry too much about them, I got them the first couple rolls I developed also. A touch of photoflo and a squeegee fixed it right up.


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