Roll 16: Zeiss Ikon Cocarette

This week’s roll is Kodak Portra 400, 120 film.   But, that’s not so special when you consider what camera I used.   Check out this beauty, a Zeiss Ikon Cocarette.   (ooooh, laaa, laaa)

gingerlea cocarette c

And, here’s what I got from my first shots from it.   I waited for a glowing morning sunrise to reflect on the mountains and blue sky.   I’m really pleased with these shots.

gingerlea slide cocarette


The lens is clear and, even though the view finder is a little bit hard to see, I think I managed to get it dialed in pretty well.

gingerlea slide cocarette 1


The view finder flips to the side so you can take a landscape or portrait shot.   Because of the film size and developing, I had to crop some of the shots, but I still like how well the pictures framed what I was trying to capture.

gingerlea slide cocarette 2


And, wow, the mountains and blue sky just couldn’t be beat on this morning.  Lovely.

gingerlea slide cocarette 3

How did I get this magical piece of @1925 wonder?   Estate sale.  A long-time friend of mine saved it for me and there are more where this one came from … just wait and see … I am in love with my newly acquired camera friends.   I received a huge bin of all kinds of great stuff!

And, as a bonus, I discovered FOUR rolls of mystery film in my box of photo-loot.   It didn’t really occur to me that I should have at least known the people who took the photos before I sent the film out to random photomat.  What if the pictures turn out to be … weird.   Or porn?  Or something really … oohmy.

Lucky me, two of the rolls were blank.   And, two had totally normal photos on them.   What?  I’m not including them in this post?   Nope.   You’ll have to wait until next time … haha.   I’m doing some research to learn the stories behind the film.  Check out my regular blog in a few days and I’ll have a post with them, Gingerlea Photography.   Click “follow” while you are there.

25 thoughts on “Roll 16: Zeiss Ikon Cocarette

  1. Gorgeous camera and great results. Found film can be fun. I got a roll today that I’ve yet to develop. Hopefully, I don’t have to call the authorities!


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