Roll 18_ World Wide Pinhole Day

I chose my newly purchased Vermeer Anamorphic pinhole camera for World Wide Pinhole day. I used Ilford Delta 100, exposed for between 20 and 32 seconds, and resulted in 4 photos. My husband and I went to the Pittock Mansion in Portland to make some architectural images which seem to work best with this type of camera. However, I will try some landscapes this Spring to test it.

Vermeer anamorphic pinhole camera

Vermeer anamorphic pinhole camera

I am still learning how to position the camera and my results show that I am still pointing the camera a little bit too low. I think the black areas are because I am getting the turning knobs in the exposure.


I developed my film at home using Ilford Ilfosol 3 for 6 minutes and fixed for 8 minutes. I am getting the hang of this developing and quite like it. I plug my iPod in my ears and shut the door to the outside world.



I am hoping to see more pinhole photos here  from WWPD.


12 thoughts on “Roll 18_ World Wide Pinhole Day

  1. Very neat. I was out with my Vermeer 6×6 shooting my first roll of color with it. Will likely get the negs/scans back on Weds. Even had a couple people ask what kind of camera I was using and explained WWPD to them, which was neat.


    • All my pinhole cameras seem to attract attention. It’s kind of fun to talk to people about lensless photography. Can’t wait to see your first roll of color.


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    • There are several different types of Vermeer cameras and this one is the 6×17 anamorphic. I am enjoying it. You should get one. Can’t have too many cameras….or is that shoes?


  3. Terrific! I was glad to be part of WWPD today 🙂

    The second pinhole image immediately brought to mind Diana Wynne Jones’ book Howl’s Moving Castle.


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