Week 18: Anamorphic Pinhole

Looks like Gretchen and I had the same idea.  🙂

I borrowed this Vermeer anamorphic pinhole camera from Jana.   We met up with a few other pinholistas for a few hours in Jeremy‘s back yard, then went for burgers & beers.  Also with us was Jeff, who took this fantastic image.

I had used a few other cylindrical anamorphic pinhole cameras before, so I was curious how this one stacked up.   After a little learning curve, it was easy to use.      It wasn’t perfect, and I can see that they’ve changed the design of the shutter since Jana bought hers.  She also uses a thin ribbon of black gaffer’s tape around the top to prevent light leaks.

Here we are, sitting at the patio table.


Here’s a shot where I put the camera on the ground, next to the wooden patio chairs.


Here’s a shot from on top of the table:


And here’s me in a mask.  I actually put the camera inside the lid of the BBQ, but you can’t really see that.


Totally fun camera.  I’m going to shoot it a bunch more before I return it.

The camera shoots just 4 shots on a 120 roll., so you have to wind properly, and be careful with your shots.  Those 4 shots go quickly.  I found I spent more time loading/unloading the camera than I did actually shooting.  🙂

My exposures were about 10-15 seconds in the shade.  Developed at home in Diafine.

6 thoughts on “Week 18: Anamorphic Pinhole

  1. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve and I found that when you wind the film to be sure to wind both knobs at the same time. That keeps the film taut. It’s because of Jana that I bought my camera and I love it. I’m taking it downtown Portland on Wednesday. Have fun with it, but I think you should just order one for yourself.


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