Good morning starshine

Sunday morning. Up early. Down to the harbour. Strong latte from the mobile cafe serving coffee to stall holders setting up for the markets. Contemplate the wind, clouds, and sun hanging low in the autumn sky. It seems to have risen due east, almost straight down the line of the breakwater. Outside the still waters of the harbour, spindrift is floating off surf breaking on the point, but elsewhere a stiff breeze is flattening waves.

I setup my Holga WPC in the shelter of the harbour to celebrate Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Exposures of all images were around 1-2 seconds. The camera is loaded with Fuji Neopan ACROS 100, and developed a couple of days later in Pyrocat-HD (1:1:100) for ten minutes. A bit later in the morning I manage to roll and sprain my ankle on the front door step, in the extreme sport of walking out the front door. Good morning starshine, the Earth says, “Hello.”

April 2014 HolgaWPC Acros100 PyrocatHD(1.1.100) 1 April 2014 HolgaWPC Acros100 PyrocatHD(1.1.100) 5April 2014 HolgaWPC Acros100 PyrocatHD(1.1.100) 6

8 thoughts on “Good morning starshine

  1. Nice photos. Sorry about your ankle….I’ve broken my left foot…twice….once falling into a living room and another falling into a hole in a sidewalk in London. Feet are funny creatures. Hope you heal quickly


    • Thank you. Doctor thinks I must have stood on an ant in my last life, and laughed when I saw her. Broke this foot exactly same way 14 months ago and had 3 other operations on it in last 12 months.


  2. Gorgeous shots Peter! Absolutely love Neopan Acros 100 for pinhole photography. Sorry to hear about your ankle…. Hope it’ll be better soon!


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