Roll 17: The Ihagee Dresden EXA


This week’s roll hails from the Ihagee Dresden EXA.   The inaugural roll for me in this lovely machine was Kodak Gold 100.

This is another camera from my new loot of camera treasures.   I’m already pretty fond of it but I have to admit that I had never heard of the maker and just went solely on beauty in keeping this one.   It came to me in an absolutely perfect, leather carrying case with instructions, extra lenses and all kinds of doodads, including the original owner’s manual.   The pages are tattered but I have delicately cherished each and every detail of it.  This first roll of film is a little rough but every single photo is getting better as I learn the controls.    Trust me, you will see more film from this camera in the future.

For the EXA’s first film adventure with me, I took it fishing.    My husband wanted to go check out one of the local ponds that is stocked by the Nevada Department of Wildlife with fish on a regular basis.   And, my son is almost interested in fishing so it would be a good chance to catch an easy fish for him, too.

mpond hiker adv chair

My son is five so I have learned that every adventure requires a little bit of running around to get the willies out in order for everyone to settle down to business.   My husband set up the fishing gear while I took my dude on a walk.   This little backpack chair assembly is his “Adventure Chair.”   Interestingly enough, we were given this by a camp host at a campground a couple of years ago after someone had thrown it away as broken.   The host knew it was perfect of us and we fixed the tiny screw that was “broken.”   The camp host was right.   There’s not too many places we don’t go without this chair.

mpond fishers

Marilyn’s Pond at the Galena Creek Regional Park on Mount Rose in Reno, Nevada.   It’s a tiny, little pond but it’s well stocked and the perfect place for a boy to learn how to fish.

mpond fishers2

mpond taft fisher

All boys, regardless of age.

mpond water focus

This was a focus test to see what I could get with the lens and exposure.   It’s what I was trying to get from what I saw but I can’t tell you how I did it.   I’m going to have to remember to write this stuff down while I’m out taking pictures.   (Sheesh … where’s the digital fingerprint on this stuff when you need it?  haha)

mpond team catch

Our haul for the day.   I caught one, dad and the boy caught TWO each.    Rainbow trout for dinner!

I’m pretty proud of what the EXA produced for the day, too.   As you can tell, I have a little bit to learn on exposure settings for this camera but I’m getting the hang of it.   Same goes with my fishing skills.

17 thoughts on “Roll 17: The Ihagee Dresden EXA

  1. Exa’s are such cool cameras – they were truly innovative during their day. I have an Exa 1a and it’s a lovely camera to us – in fact my father had one years ago and many of the photographs from my childhood were taken on the Exa, or the Zorki 4 that he also had. As you’ve shown these classics are still very capable cameras.


  2. I bought an Exakta at a camera show with a bunch of lenses. Unfortunately mine was in the exact opposite condition. I took mine apart for the entertainment of it, because the shutters were stiff as wood, and large metal chunks were missing from the bottom. The lenses and body had dissolved foam etched into the aluminum but luckily a couple of Tx mount lenses’ glass were protected. I am still hoping to find a cheap body to try the lenses on. The inner mechanics look like they were built with a hammer and a file; very clunky.


  3. You certainly visited the perfect spot to test out that sexy new toy, Ginger. I love the reflections on the pond. Do you ever do your own developing? My boss built a darkroom for herself about eight or nine years ago, but she hasn’t shot film in years now. You guys must have had a great dinner that night. I love fresh trout. Way to go!


    • The trout was quite tasty. The first time I read your comment, I thought you meant I had eaten dinner with your boss and I was thinking why would we have fish? Wouldn’t she teach me how to develop film? Haha. I haven’t tried my own yet but I am getting closer to trying. Film developing, that is.


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