Week #9 – Land95

For Week #9 I decided on using my Polaroid Land 95A camera.

This camera is not exactly the most “special” of Polaroid cameras.  It’s a scale focus, with a EV value system for the shutter and aperture controlled via a dial.  The lens is a very basically 114mm ƒ/8 Triplet lens which is unremarkable.  It’s sharp in its own right, but nothing to write home about.

The camera, designed for 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 photos on Roll Film (about the same size as 116 film) but for instant images.

I have decided that I’m going to begin the conversion from Polaroid Roll film to 120 roll film.

upl - Land95HP5Scan-140509-0001+Scan

The camera, however, appears to have some light leaks.  I’m not sure if that is coming in through the back of the camera, or through the bellows.  I am figuring it most likely will be through the bellows.

But here it is, as sharp as it will ever get.  It’s actually pretty good!

Polaroid Land 95a Pathfinder
Polaroid Triplet 114mm ƒ/8 @ EV 6 w/Yellow Filter
Ilford HP5+ 400
Rodinal 1+100 Semi-Stand

Scanned on Epson Perfection 4990

6 thoughts on “Week #9 – Land95

    • Going to need some patching before i go and make the 120 conversion. Shucks, was hoping!

      I also have a big 110a that I’m going to eventually modify to 4×5… Hopefully!


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