Roll 11 – Rangefinders, Redscale, and Light Leaks.


I’m seriously behind on this project, I doubt I’ll reach 52 rolls like last year, but I’m determined to shoot and post what I can. I loaded this camera several weeks ago, a 1963 Wards (Konica) XP-500 rangefinder, with a roll of RedScaled (reversed) Superia 400 film. As usual, I set the ASA to 25. Even though I replaced the door seals, I was aware from my previous adventure with this camera, that it still had a small leak, so this time I place a strip of black tape over the suspected area. Apparently, I missed the leak location, as I got quite severe light leak streaks on almost every frame, some worse than others. So, these posted here are pretty much the only ones that didn’t. Some of what would have been my favorite shots, are basically ruined. Oh well…

The Konica rangefinder, although lacking any kind of manual exposure control, is a joy to use and has a fantastic lens. 40mm is probably my favorite walk around focal length. I guess I need to try resealing the door again?

The first shot, State Motel, was taken somewhere in south Texas, the others on the North side of downtown Oklahoma City.

State Motel_1024




20 thoughts on “Roll 11 – Rangefinders, Redscale, and Light Leaks.

  1. These are really wonderful! makes me want to get out there with Redscaled film again. The last time I read a post from you I bought an Olympus XA. At least this time it is less expensive 🙂


      • Thanks. I think Superia 400 @ei25-50 is probably my favorite film for Redscale. Maybe something about that “4th” color layer that just makes it pop. Auto color correction when scanning gives exaggerated reds, sometimes greens, and scans with auto off gives great red/green cast to everything. Boosting the black levels in post helps with contrast and shadow cast.


  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one way behind on this – I just posted my eleventh roll as well! I looked up that State Hotel (you’ve given me a project idea…) it’s in Kennedy, Tx, about a hundred miles or so Southeast of San Antonio.


    • Ha, funny you mention that. I too Googled it, then looked at the area on Street View. I was on my way back from Corpus Christi when I stopped there.


  3. Thanks.

    640? Wow, maybe if you want REALLY dark red images, which I personally don’t prefer. 4-5 stops “overexposure” looks best with Redscaled film, IMO.


  4. Great pics! I recently purchased this camera for $5 at a garage sale, and having my local camera store replace the door seals. Looking forward to trying it out with some black and white film.

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