Roll 19 – The Canon Elan II in Amsterdam

My next few rolls are from the week I visited Amsterdam. I took several rolls of film with several cameras (as one does). For this week my posts will be more about the camera used, and not the film roll.

I like to travel light and so when I go somewhere I use my iPhone for color snapshots and a film camera for black and white artsy shots (I use the term “art” very loosely here). Since I was traveling specifically for Pinhole day, I also brought my Zero 2000 for pinhole shots. I also knew I would be acquiring more cameras while I was there (more on that later). For this trip, I brought my Canon Elan II with me for my black and white artsy shots.

You might see a familiar face in these pictures. While I was there I got to meet Inge, one of the contributors to this blog! I also got to meet several other friends from all over the world. We had lots of fun hanging out in both Rotterdam (Inge’s home town) and Amsterdam.

I enjoyed using the Canon very much on this trip. The auto focus was wonderful for street photography. I would not call myself a street photographer – I think if I am anything it is an accidental street photographer. When I am wandering around in cities I am more interested in architecture and that is what captures my attention. It’s kind of fun, after the fact, to see what human element appears in the picture. Maybe I should take some care to capture that illusive “Decisive Moment.”

I also really like this camera for portraits. Again, the auto focus just really gets the job done quickly and makes things less awkward for the subject. I have examples of both “street photography” and portraits here.


These photos were shot with Arista 100 and developed in Diafine.

I’ve already written a travelogue about this trip on my personal blog, Blatherskite,  so you can read more about my thoughts  there. And see more photos.

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