Week #17 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Inge week 17_1


The last few weeks I haven’t had time to read up on all of your posts (sorry for the spam replies and likes earlier today), and write my own. I did have time to shoot. Week 17 was the week of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Together with my mate Alex from pinholista.com I organised a meet up in Amsterdam, that actually started as a Twitter joke. Before we knew it, people from all over the world were booking plane tickets to join us, so we stepped up to the plate and made sure we had something to offer them. We booked a lunch for the group at Wagamama, and as a (semi) local I came up with some routes that would show some of the best Amsterdam had to offer. We met up at Dam square, and from there we walked through the city. Unfortunately the weather let us down a bit, as it was a rainy day. I was happy the sun started shining in the afternoon. We ended the day in a jeneverbar in the Red Light District. It is one of my favourite bars in Amsterdam, and it went down well with the crowd. It also was a great opportunity to meet some of my internet friends.

You can read more about our meet up at the Pinhole Obscura blog, and Alex wrote a nice article on his website too.

Inge week 17_2

Inge week 17_3

Inge week 17_4


All shot with my Dirkoma S Multi (6×9 mask) on Fuji Neopan 100 and Kodak Ektar 100.

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