Roll 12 – A stroll with the Point & Shoot

I tried to finish the roll of FP4+ in my HiMatic 9 today, but the weather refused to cooperate, though I did have the time to scan this roll. The Olympus Stylus QD was the “other” camera I took with me last weekend to the 2014 Tulsa BlueDome Arts Festival. I’ve had it loaded with Kodak Ultramax 400 since my granddaughter’s first birthday party a few weeks ago, so I figured I’d finish it off at BlueDome, so I stuck it in my cargo short’s pocket. I paid just $3 for this little gem last year at the charity shop, complete with box, case, manual, strap, and even a brand new unused battery.


The Stylus Epic is the one that gets the most attention, due to the faster f2.8 lens and a few key features, but this little guy is no slouch. It’s fast, light, quiet, and the clamshell design is an absolute boon for pocket-ability.




Comedy Parlor_1024

Not much to say here really. I just took a few grab shots between the more “serious” shots I tried to take with the HiMatic. The lighting was a little strange, being slightly overcast and late in the afternoon, but the camera and film seemed to handle it well.

Tie Dye_1024

Stilt Man_1024

Rose Pawn_1024


Guthrie Green_1024






As usual, film was developed by me, at home in my kitchen, using Tetenal press kit chemistry, then scanned on Epson V600. Light editing performed in PSE12 for Mac.

8 thoughts on “Roll 12 – A stroll with the Point & Shoot

  1. I had one previously, back in the early nineties, but I lost it on a biking trip. They weren’t cheap, I think this one had a $129 price tag on the box. It’s a brilliant little camera. I wish one could override the ASA setting manually though…


  2. Cool camera! Those little compact cameras keep amazing me, with their sharp little lenses. You must have had a fun day. 🙂


    • Thanks. Yes, like every time I take the XA out, I wonder why I’ve spent so much money on other cameras.


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