Week 10-13 I think…..? Various things!

Well I have been AWOL for a while but I have been busy shooting film,  I even got an Olympus XA so I can  be part of the club! I also got a puppy and he has been distracting me like crazy so although I have some shooting I have got nothing developed…

Something I can show you is some work I produced as part of a project for my photography class.  The assignment was to use a mix of old and new techniques to create digital art.  I really enjoyed this project because we got to shoot film and use the darkrooms..Yay!  As I worked on this project for 4 weeks and shot 5 rolls of film over a 3 week period I thought this should count for 3 weeks on 52 rolls!

So in this entry I will talk a bit about this project and some things I tried even though it might not be to everyone’s taste!

One of the first things we did was get to grips with the college darkroom by trying some photograms, I had brought in some skulls from work (as you do) and my wisdom teeth to make this image:


I then did a more normal photogram using cassette tapes!


We shot some film on the college Bronica (One roll black and white and roll slide film) however, I am not sharing any of the images because I don’t like them enough to scan them! I was pretty disappointed as I had always wanted to try a Bronica and the college one just wouldn’t seem to focus correctly.

I chose to use my Holga 120GCFN to take photos which I would then alter to fit the assingnment brief. That week I shot 3 rolls of Ilford HP5+ (which I found scarily easy!)

I developed the films in the college darkroom and scanned them on the rather lovely Epson v750 scanner. I love using this scanner as I like to get the film frame in shot.

Here are some shots:







However, to make my shots more creative I chose to burn some of my negatives with a lighter, I really like this effect.  I got carried away and burnt negatives shot a while back as well!




More can be seen here (http://liztylerphotography.com/2014/04/18/burning-negatives/)

Now this is where it gets a bit more controversial, my submission pieces needed to show further techniques and I had the idea of merging with my images with colour images.  This is not usually my cup of tea, I am not a fan of over manipulating images.  I merged them in photoshop to the best of my basic abilities and college seemed happy with them.  I am not so happy with them and would rather have left them as burnt negatives, however, they are not as bad and cheesy as I expected! I did find it useful being forced to do this as it is always good to be pushed to try new things – especially if it is something I would not have tried otherwise!

Here are my submission pieces for better or worse:

bench edit-Recovered

bridge edit 2

More here: http://liztylerphotography.com/2014/05/30/creative-college-project/

Hope you enjoyed reading about my college project, I will do a normal 52 rolls update soon!



13 thoughts on “Week 10-13 I think…..? Various things!

  1. Cool stuff! My week 18 will be about photograms. 🙂 Really love the Holga work btw. The burnt negatives thing looks interesting. Just not sure if I could ever do that… 😉


    • I had scanned the negatives in before burning as well as after so I played it safe! I really liked doing the photograms they were so simple ( although I got some funny looks when I unpacked my skulls and wisdom teeth..), I look forward to seeing yours!!


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