Roll 21 – The pinhole rolls (Amsterdam)

Since I was going to Amsterdam for WPPD, I brought a pinhole camera. Specifically, my Zero 2000. I have written about this day several times in a few different places. You can read about the day on both Pinhole Obscura and Blatherskite, if you wish. In short: it was a fabulous day. One of the best. A day to remember!

I shot two rolls of film over the course of our vacation in this camera and here are my favorites. One of them is a shot of me pinholing myself drawing a picture of my pinhole camera for a stencil at the Rembrandt House museum. That was kind of an epic Amsterdam moment. You can read about it here. Also, I had the honor of being interviewed by Alex  Yates for the Pinhole Podcast while shooting the hot dog stand photo. You can hear me nerd out about pinhole photography here. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Roll 21 – The pinhole rolls (Amsterdam)

  1. Moni, These are lovely. I forget what a great camera the 2000 is. It’s so compact, I really should carry it with me (after I buy a slightly bigger purse!) 🙂


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