Week 17: A Couple of B&W Film Experiments

I received some bulk rolls of film that I had no experience with.

First up is a roll of Kodak 5302 – Fine Grain Release Positive film. I am sure there is an interesting story to how this film was or is used but for me it was just a cheap bulk roll to experiment with. I started at ISO 0.1  (I probably should be saying EI for Exposure Index, so I will from here on out.)

badly exposed shot of a plastic truck

5302 @ EI 0.10

0.10 was too slow. I used a tripod for the same shot up to EI 200, but 6 is about the best.

decently exposed plastic truck

5302 @ EI 6

pots and a bird house

5302 @ EI 6

The second roll is Kodalith Ortho 6556 type 3.  I have no idea how old it is and no idea what it is for, but I had fun trying it out. I used alphabet blocks for EI reference numbers. If you look close, you can see the writing is in Danish. My wife is fluent and we hope the kids will be as well.

I am guessing the tripod was drifting a little in this shot.

tonka truck black and white and blurry

Tonka  – 6556 @ EI 6

EI 25 is pretty much the right place.

nice tonka truck shot

Tonka – 6556 @ EI  25

No chance at all for 200.  The scan picks up something, but mostly the texture of the emulsion and streaks from cleaning the negative.

6556 @ ISO 200

Tonka –  6556 @ EI 200

This looks promising to me. I see still life as a potential use.

toy globe

Globe – 6556 @ EI 25

Also replicating antique photographic style. Aside from the new cars this looks like a 100 year old photo. The center building was mostly a pile of bricks in 2007.

Old building - rebuilt 2007

Old Building – Rebuilt 2007

This was very exciting for me.  I love old industrial iron machinery and this film captures the texture of the metal perfectly.


Linotype Machine on 6556

Somehow this film looks like ink and seems to have no grain at all.


Chains 6556

I am pretty sure the 6556 roll was taken with a Nikon F3 and the 5302 with a Canon EOS 630.

I cans see using these films for specific purposes, but they are so slow that they really need a tripod.

9 thoughts on “Week 17: A Couple of B&W Film Experiments

  1. Great shots! How did you develop the 6556? I have a pile of the stuff in 4×5 format and haven’t had much luck yet.


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