Week #19 The beach

Inge week 19_1

Week 19 was a slow week. I had little inspiration, and many cameras with unfinished rolls. Because the weather was nice in the weekend, my husband and I wanted to go out and do something. For weeks I had been wanting to see the tulip fields, so we decided to go to the Dutch Bollenstreek (the area where most tulip fields are). I took my Olympus OM-1n, loaded with Agfa Precisa CT, the Polaroid 600 One Step I got from Monica when she visited for WWPD and my Diana F+, loaded with expired Kodak EPD 200 slide film with me. When we drove near Katwijk, my husband asked if I wanted to see the seaside for a bit. I’m always up for a walk on the beach, so we parked the car and walked around for a while. We had a drink at one of the beach clubs, and it was very relaxing. We then drove on to Lisse, where we discovered that all of the tulips were gone….. At least we had some fun on the beach! I’m determined to visit the tulip fields next year.

Inge week 19_2The Diana film had a little accident at the lab. It got stuck in the developing machine…

Inge week 19_3

Inge week 19_4

Inge week 19_5My first ever Polaroid shot, on Impossible 600 Color film



12 thoughts on “Week #19 The beach

  1. You are making me want to take my Polaroid out of the camera closet! I almost bought some Impossible film last weekend but the price of it prevented me. šŸ™‚


    • The price of the film makes me think twice about shooting. I never thought I would actually enjoy shooting Polaroid, but I do…


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