Week #10 – Coffee

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The Many Flavours of Coffee – Calumet CC400 – Agfa Anastigmat 105mm ƒ/4.5 – Fomapan 400 – Rodinal 1+100 Semi-Stand


Coffee is such a funny thing. It has been regarded as both a blessing, and a curse.  The working world has to have their morning Coffee to face the day, yet in actuality, it is not really that much better for you than just waking up and doing morning stretches to get your own body working.
I am not much of a coffee drinker myself, preferring the smooth flavour of Tea personally.  At the same time, I will drink coffee from time to time, but not like I once did.
Working in the trades, it is one of those drinks that are a constant worksite beverage, and honestly, I am not really that surprised.

I also do not drink instant.  It’s terrible!  Granted, it’s essentially just brewed coffee, except it has been freeze dried down to a simple crystal form, and I used to drink a fair bit of it, but have since moved on to brewing coffee in a small pot on the stove.  A typical Greek/Middle Eastern method.  Boil water, let stand, and add coffee.  Add low heath for a few minutes to percolate a little, remove from heat, pour and enjoy..

I also prefer coffee WITHOUT cream and sugar.  I like to taste the coffee, but it is a sad affair that too many coffees are just terrible, and I cannot drink them without the cream and sugar to bury the disgusting taste of a poor coffee.

So here’s my take on some of the coffee I have in my home.  Instant for Caffenol-C, and ground coffee for a more enjoyable cup.

So however you enjoy yours….


Remember, keep those shutters firing!

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