Week 20: The last of the Viva

I decided to celebrate ‘Roid Week with the last two packs of Viva at a friend’s BBQ in Half Moon Bay. If memory serves, and mine is getting a little rusty, one or both packs came from Julie (aka madorangelove) and Anne  (aka polaroidgirl). Thank you! The chemistry in the first pack had gone off, but the last, the last was lovely. I will confess to a wee bit of huffing when it peeled apart the film. God, I love that smell.

Camera: Polaroid Electric Zip
Film: Polaroid Viva


Jen & Sprout







PS. I was in New York last weekend and met Anne and Dave (of the Impossible Project). With a cheeky grin, Anne handed over another box of Viva. Onward!

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