Week #20 Delft

Inge week 20_1

In week 20 my husband and I went to Delft. It’s an old city close to Rotterdam, and it’s famous for being the home town of many Dutch painters such as Johannes Vermeer and Jan Steen. It’s also the burial place of members of our royal family, the House of Orange. I took my Holga 120GN, loaded with Fuji Provia 400, and my Olympus OM-2, loaded with Adox Silvermax, with me. Because it was a sunny day I put a red filter on my Oly.

We found out there was an antiques market, and of course I had to look for cameras. I saw only a handful and nothing I was really interested in. We did see some awesome other stuff, such as an old drum kit, some pottery and some lovely art nouveau pieces. Delft had two important churches, the Oude Kerk (Old church) and Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). The Old Church hosts the graves of scientist Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, painter Johannes Vermeer and seafarers Piet Hein and Maarten Tromp. The New Church hosts the graves of the kings and queens of the House of Orange and their families. You can visit the mausoleum of Willem van Oranje (William of Orange), the founder of our royal family.

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15 thoughts on “Week #20 Delft

    • I was there two years ago for the first time, and I was surprised it was so beautiful. Dordrecht never appealed to me before, but it’s actually quite nice.


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