Roll 18 – Holga 120 CFN Camera – TMax 400 Film – A House Fire

Roll 18 is TMax 400 film from a Holga 120 CFN Camera. This roll was taken in New Hampshire after seeing this burnt-out house and thinking that the Holga I had gotten in a 2nd hand store for $1 might be the best camera I had to shoot it with. I went back the next morning with the Holga, and a few other “new” cameras, and I liked the images from the Holga the most.

I recently returned from Boston and when traveling there I always pre-buy a couple of film cameras from eBay, delivered to my brother’s house, and cruise a few 2nd hand stores after arriving.  I use the cameras while I’m there for fun and art exercise.

This past trip was for 3 reasons. Early June is an annual trip to shoot a product catalog for a client. I always double this trip with a yearly fishing trip(30th anniversary) with 8 buds of mine who travel from around the world to attend for 5 days in New Hampshire. This year also coincided with the opening of the Somerville Toy Camera Festival, of which I have 2 images included in the exhibition, so I dropped the images off as soon as I landed and attended the opening, which was awesome, 2 days before returning home.

Holga 120 CFN

Camera: Holga 120 CFN
Film: TMax 400
Process: TMax Developer 1:4

Fire 1

Fire 2

Fire 3

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