Roll #13; Stairs to Nowhere, Prom and Cryptic Graffiti…

Part of living in a big city is at some point in time you possibly could run into some form of urban blight.  Dallas has its fair share of decaying neighborhoods.  But the most interesting parts are the signs pointing out where there used to be a house, you can see where a driveway used to be, pipes sticking out of the ground, a foundation, etc.  The one that gets me the most are the stairs to nowhere, where a once loving home stood, where kids probably once ran home from school, or from playing outside to come in from dinner.

Stairs to nowhere


Wandering around the city, I happened upon a matching set of his and hers automobiles parked in a driveway:

His and Hers

As I headed home, not being very successful I drove by the high school that is down the street from my house where Prom fever had captured the minds of the senior students:


Later on in the week I attended a meetup Scavenger hunt (which I don’t do those very often if ever), and on the long train ride back home I noticed this strange underdeveloped area where kids had taken upon themselves to write some cryptic graffiti:

Some creepy sheit

Maybe they were photographers?

Join the Light

Stop the Lies

Someone, somewhere is always proclaiming that….

The end is near

I’ll finish with this image, which I thought was fitting for them, and for all of us:

We do this for love




6 thoughts on “Roll #13; Stairs to Nowhere, Prom and Cryptic Graffiti…

    • I was surprised myself to see this, so surprised in fact after I got home from the train ride, I had to immediately get back in my car, drive along the train line so I could find this place and take photos.


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