Roll 23: The EXA in The Wild West

If you saw my last post, the photos weren’t all that great and it was more of a film experiment than anything else.   No worries–I brought along the trust EXA that has quickly become of my favorite cameras.   It is a solid machine.   And, a nice roll of Kodak Portra 160 made for some lovely shots of the history in Virginia City, Nevada.   I have been there many times and lived just outside of town for quite a while so,  on this photowalk, I was trying to get some non-traditional angles.

Speaking of angles, the whole town is on the side of a very steep hill, everything is a 150+ years old and crooked.   I didn’t really bother to straighten my horizon lines.   I just shot pictures.



This is the Storey County Courthouse built in 1865.   It is still the main governmental building for the county.   And, it is beautiful.    Bonus, it’s a registered national historical monument.



So many places to go, so many things to do …



The Bucket of Blood Saloon.   Truly a station of the wild, wild west!

outside bucket


This is my favorite shot of the day from inside the Bucket of Blood.   The vista into the desert is called “The 100 Mile View” because you can see lights in the distance for over a hundred miles on a clear night.


I had to adjust quite a bit to get this indoor shot to come out very well without flash.  The inside of the Bucket of Blood has tons of character, old chandeliers and even bullet holes in the ceiling from days of yore.

inside bucket

The main drag in Virginia City, complete with wooden sidewalks.



One of the old homes on “Millionaire’s Row.”    Virginia City was once bigger and richer than San Francisco, back in the day of big silver mines and The Comstock Lode.



12 thoughts on “Roll 23: The EXA in The Wild West

  1. As usual, great shots of a very interesting location. My only regret is that you couldn’t take pictures of the bullet holes in the ceiling of the Bucket of Blood (what a great name for a saloon).


    • The Bucket (as is locals call it-haha) is a fun place. The bullet holes don’t make for a great photo but they are always good for a story. The place is so old that the bullet holes look like anything. Bugs, small cracks in the ceiling … not as dramatic as you would think.


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