Week 15- Olympus XA with AGFA Vistaplus 200

I recently became a proud member of the Olympus XA club, since the death of my Olympus Trip 35 due to solar cell failure I was looking for a super sharp pocketable 35mm camera.

I managed to get an XA for £20 from eBay, which I considered a good deal as most seemed to go for much more than this. I loaded it with AGFA vistaplus 200 film from the local pound shop as a test roll.  Everything seems to be in working order, although I find focussing through the viewfinder impossible and just gauge distance instead.

Exposure is a bit off in some shots too (Blown out skies…), but overall I am pleased with my purchase. As my car was up to to it’s usual tricks, my first trip was to the car mechanics  and I took a few sneaky pictures:

14483832215_c07bfdd232_o 14482608014_4e6ddc64b8_o 14297212139_805fb1f899_o After this I went on a weekend to Gloucestershire which is a beautiful part of the country.  I was there a week after the famous Cooper’s hill cheese rolling competition so went to check out the hill, it was so steep, I can’t believe people run down it, I had to go on all fours to climb up it!  (If you have never heard of cheese rolling check out this link and become enlighted http://www.cheese-rolling.co.uk/index1.htm ) 14480449981_0e22d07fdc_o The rest of the time I just took nice scenery photos enjoy! 14503962153_11b6bd51fd_o14503963623_70e83d0b70_o14483829825_52eb07d6b9_o and one from a dog walk 14482609914_804905caba_o

12 thoughts on “Week 15- Olympus XA with AGFA Vistaplus 200

  1. OMG cheese rolling! I went and watched video of it on YouTube. That’s a very strange tradition. If it were here in San Francisco, half of those people would be naked. 🙂


  2. I am just on my second roll in an XA I found in thrift store for $10 – feel lucky to have found one for a good price. The first roll (shots on my blog 3 weeks ago or so) came out very well so I am a happy XA user for sure. If you keep on getting blown out skies and so on, then you can adjust the ISO setting to deal with that, nice to have some control!


  3. I like the color and composition of the shot with the car on the lift. You have to be thinking to yourself, “This is some dull thing to photograph, is anyone watching?” But its a great image.


  4. Very interesting, I wonder what a Chevy Lumina police car is doing in the UK? That’s an American model and I didn’t think it was that popular with police departments even here.

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