Roll 28 – Velvia and my Zero 45

When we took our trip to the Oregon coast I thought I would try shooting Velvia 50 in my pinhole camera and not cross process. I had never tried shooting slide film for it’s intended purpose. So I thought I’d give it a shot. Almost the entire roll was shot on the docks of Newport Oregon, with the exception of the one at Rogue Brewery.

I love the results. I am now a slide film convert. I am not sure I can go back to regular film.

11 thoughts on “Roll 28 – Velvia and my Zero 45

    • Thanks! Yes, that’s kind of why I haven’t used it for pinhole because I am not super exact when it comes to metering pinhole shots. I might have messed up the most recent roll I shot with Velvia because I was metering it based on different settings than how I was set up. 😦


  1. And you have to know the reciprocity factor! I forgot about that earlier. If you know the exact f-stop of your pinhole, then meter for f45 or f64 and count your stops up from there. And add the r factor. Have fun!


  2. Love these results! Velvia is amazing film. I always sort of ‘save’ it for special landscape shots. I should probably start using it (ha!) while they still make it. Love the Sunbeams and Boats shot.


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