52-Rolls, Weeks 20 and 21 – Polaroids

It's Just Film

The DUO TLR this time. I really do like it. I have added an accessory shoe to one side to allow mounting a flash. In the picture shown here it has a Nikon SB22, I will however be using it with a Vivitar 281 which is more powerful, and can be oriented both in portrait and landscape mode. I have also made a new shutter release arm from aluminium. The birch ply arm that came with the kit is made up of three pieces glued together, and it keeps falling apart. I have also added a provision for a cable release. You may spy an old fashioned delayed action timer connected to the cable release.

The DUO in it’s current form:


Week 20: Fuji FP100C

My one gripe with the DUO is it is not the easiest to focus, and with 100 ISO film I often have to shoot more…

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