52-Rolls, Weeks 22 and 23 – More from the DUO TLR

It's Just Film

I suspect Kevin named his creation the DUO due to it being capable of shooting both Polaroid pack and 120 roll film – which this post exhibits. The DUO has been used for FP100C these last few weeks, but for the next two, I tried a couple of films I have not had the pleasure of using previously.

Week 22; DUO and Polaroid Blue (type 100, ISO 80) film: 

A rather strange film this. It is a colour instant film, ISO 80 – so far so good. But it has a blue cast to it. That and the prints are not glossy, but have a textured surface – a good thing if you happen to paw your prints, but not if you want to scan them. I shot it at ISO 100, and timed the development to a tad more than recommended. Once the pack was opened I tried to…

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