52 Rolls, Weeks 24 and 25 – Rolleiflex 2.8E3

It's Just Film

Continuing with TLR´s, I opted for the smaller but heavier Rolleiflex for a few weeks.

Week 24; the Rolleiflex, with Rolleinar 2 close-up lens, Fuji Pro 400H:

Since starting developing C-41 at home I have not been afraid of using colour negative film, indeed I have been shooting quite a bit of it. Pro 400H has been a favourite of mine, but I must admit the latest Portra 400 version really gives it a run for its money. Anyhow, close-ups and TLR´s don´t really mix that well, visualising depth of field is not exactly easy, but these two came out OK.



Week 25; again the Rolleiflex, Kodak BW400CN, expired:

A lot going on in the city on a summer Sunday afternoon. Notice the toilets, a new addition to the esplanade between the two main downtown streets. A French publicity stunt? Who knows. Strange idea though (yes, they are red, white…

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2 thoughts on “52 Rolls, Weeks 24 and 25 – Rolleiflex 2.8E3

  1. Yes indeed Alex. Very smooth operator, every movement is silky smooth. It exudes quality. Mine has been through hell and back, but still works well.


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