Roll 26: The EXA Goes Camping




Yup, the EXA went camping.   If you have noticed, I hardly go anywhere without the EXA anymore.   This camera is a beast of a fine machine.   I can’t get enough.   So, when my family went camping in the Sierras, the EXA got to go, too.   These shots are on Kodak Gold 400.

We camped at Stampede Reservoir near Truckee, California.   The drought is real here so the reservoir is low.   In this photo, you would normally not see all of the land at all.   The water is down something like 70% of a normal year.   It’s kinda scary.

tent water leve



teamtaft camper


Here are my dudes playing some beanbag toss (cornhole) in camp.


And, this is my favorite from the trip.   It’s not greatest technical photograph but it just show the family sitting around enjoying the day.   That’s the good stuff.

family camp

What good stuff have you been up to this summer?


5 thoughts on “Roll 26: The EXA Goes Camping

  1. I take more and more shots with my iPhone and not my Canon Powershot, which actually takes a far superior picture. These images remind me of just how lazy I am. Do you do your own developing?


    • I do not. I’m a little freaked out by the chemicals. I send my film to The Darkroom in California. They do an excellent job and have quality scanning for digital. Bonus!


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