Roll#15; Four random images

Well, all my images are random.  I’ve been using public transportation for the last month and a half due to car problems, but I like taking the bus and train to and from work.  It’s a nice way to relax.  You can read, catch up with emails, take a power nap.  The only thing that I don’t like, is how much time you have to allow to get to and back from where you are going, but if more people utilized their city’s public transit, then the city would have to increase the frequency of buses and trains.

The bus stop I walk to in the morning is by a Dallas city park, that has a pool.  And I know that Texans love their guns, but you can’t love them sitting poolside in Dallas:



No guns at the pool

After work, I have a little over an hour’s wait before the train comes to take me back to the city so I usually wander around the area surrounding my office, just to see what comes up;

I'm lost

The parking lot where the train picks up and drops off usually has something there that catches my eye, like this Dodge truck that was sealed with a kiss:

Sealed with a kiss

And this note left behind from someone named Vecchio;

Sloppy Seconds

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