Roll 27: Lazy Summer Day



Summer is just rolling along and I had some Kodak Gold to run through the EXA again.   So, I thought I would just attempt to play with the focus in the hot light of a summer afternoon.   Nothing fancy, just some shots of my yard.

The hollyhocks did pretty well this year.   I have to be slightly amazed, though.   I ignored them last year when we first moved to this house.   I don’t really know how they survived without water but, they did.


holly close

holly girl


There’s a moose playing golf in the front yard.   I like rusty old iron things, I guess.



This spot stays in the shade for a while and the glider is a good spot to just soak up being in the back yard.



My favorite spot is the hammock, though.   My son has a little play area here.   It’s better later in the afternoon when that willow shades the whole thing.



And, a little bit from my mini garden.   Those green beans are almost done.

green beans


Anyone else out there growing a garden this year?   It’s pretty hard to accomplish where I live but I try.

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