Week #28 Trying out the SX-70

Inge week 28_1

I have always thought I’m not an instant film shooter. A while ago Monica gave me a Polaroid 600 One Step to try out, and it turned out to be more fun than I thought. I started looking for a Polaroid SX-70, which would give me more control on lighting and exposure. I posted about my search on Facebook, and got an offer from Urban right away. He had one lying around that was given to him for free, and he asked if I would like to have it in exchange for a print. He had no idea if the camera was working or not. I said yes, and a little later the SX-70 showed up at my doorstep.I put in a pack of film, and the camera responded, so I took it out for a shoot.

I decided to keep the exposure wheel at the middle setting (between light and dark), to see how the camera would respond. Focussing was easy, and when I pressed the button, a polaroid photo came out. So far, so good! I shot some more that day and waited until they were properly developed. They turned out a bit overexposed. I read online that more people with this exact model (the Alpha model 2) were experiencing overexposure when the wheel was on the line between dark and light.

Inge week 28_2

Inge week 28_3

A few days later my husband and I went for a drink at one of our favourite places in Rotterdam, a winebar that’s near our house. I took the SX-70 with me and shot some more while we were sipping our wine. This time, I did fiddle a bit with the exposure wheel, turning it to dark. The shots I made then turned out better.

Inge week 28_4

Inge week 28_5


I’m loving the SX-70 so far, although I’m still learning how to shoot with it (mostly trying to figure out the lighting stuff). In the meantime someone else also gave me her broken SX-70. I’m going to try and fix it, and then I’ll have two! And Urban, that print is ready. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Week #28 Trying out the SX-70

  1. I really like the results at the wine bar. These are quite neat. I recently got an Instax and never really thought much of instant film, but they are fun. I brought mine to a party and everyone thought it was the coolest thing ever.


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