Roll 29 – more pinhole at the beach.

Hi there! Boy, it’s sure been a long time since I’ve posted. I have been debating whether or not I should even continue this project. It’s not that I’m not taking photos, it’s just that I am terrible about being organized about it. I have been encouraged to keep posting so I will. I hope you don’t mind my completely disorganized way of doing things.

So the last time I was here I posted my shots from beach (Seaside, Oregon), having fallen in love with Velvia film. Here are some more shots from the same trip, and a few later on in the roll. This time using Ektar (same camera).

I used a Zero 45 for these pinhole shots.


9 thoughts on “Roll 29 – more pinhole at the beach.

  1. still have photos from a self-portrait project that ended lat year, unposted. I figure it’s the taking have that’s important. Sharing can be done whenever you have time. I’ve enjoyed seeing your project when I’ve had time to check wordpress, so I’m happy you’re continuing.


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